GEL batteries

The GEL battery is a lead-acid gelled electrolyte battery. Invented in the 1950s in Germany, this type of battery created by Sonnenschein is one of those with an optimal lifespan compared to so many other batteries. More exactly, it is 8 times more resistant than a traditional battery. It is also the most used for storing solar energy.

Ultimatron batteries are extremely durable storage batteries, specially designed for mobile homes, boats and motorhomes as well as any other solar application.

In GEL batteries, the liquid electrolyte is bound by silica so that it is in the form of a gel. This allows for more reliable and maintenance-free operation over the lifetime. Specially designed lead plates ensure increased stability and a long life cycle. This type of battery is particularly suitable for demanding use as a power supply battery with low discharge.

The batteries can be easily installed, they are absolutely waterproof and contain no gas, which is particularly important for mobile applications.

Benefits at a glance:

High capacity storage battery

Especially for demanding use as a consumer battery in powerful cycle mode.

Absolutely maintenance free

High life cycle

Exceptionally long service life, even during regular charging / discharging operation.

Resistant to vibrations and shocks

Robust and insensitive to vibrations and thanks to the fixed electrolyte.

Efficient fast charge

Outstanding charging characteristics with minimal pressure drop and high efficiency.

Technical sheet

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